• KIMO HD50 Temperature and Humidity Meter

Test the air humidity and temperature with reliable, accurate results by using KIMO's HD50 thermo-hygrometer!

Featuring a permanently attached temperature and humidity sensor, the HD50 can test temperature levels from -20 to +70°C and humidity levels from 5 to 95% RH. Using the meter is simple - just hold it up in the area you want to test and it'll measure either temp or humidity (parameters are measured separately).

Need to jot down a measurement? No problem - just hit the HOLD button and the HD50 will temporarily store the current value shown on the screen! You can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit measurement modes with another simple few button presses.

This therma-hygrometer includes a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects from KIMO.

KIMO HD50 Therma-Hygrometer Key Features

  • Dual capabilities - tests the temperature and humidity levels in the air
  • Built-in sensor
  • Temperature measurement range from -20 to +70°C
  • Humidity measurement range from 5 to 95% RH
  • HOLD function temporarily stores current value on the screen
  • 100 hour battery life (4 x AAA)
  • Automatic shut down after 20 minutes to save battery
  • IP54 rated
  • 1 year guarantee

What's Included?

  • KIMO HD50 Therma-Hygrometer
  • Adjustment Certificate (not full calibration certificate - available for purchase separately)
  • Soft Carrying Case

KIMO HD50 Temperature and Humidity Meter

  • Brand: KIMO
  • Product Code: HD50
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Rp.7,000,000

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