• Druck PV210-P Pneumatic Hand Pump Kit

Special kit version of the Druck PV210 pneumatic pump. Includes the following items:

  • Druck PV210 Pneumatic Pump
  • Carrying Case with Foam Insert
  • BSP Adapter Kit
  • BSP Seal Kit
  • 1m Flex Hose with Adapters (40bar Rated)

About the Druck PV210 Pneumatic Pump

The PV210 is a low pressure pnumatic pump with range from 0 to 45psi.

Accurate and reliable, the pump features a fine adjustment Vernier for precision control over the generated pressure level.

Key features include:

  • Pneumatic pressure generation to 1250inH20 (45 psi)
  • Vacuum to -27inHg
  • Precision fine control to 0.01inH20
  • Thermally insulated to eliminate temperature effects
  • Built-in pressure relief valve for setting maximum output pressure
  • Finger-tight quick fit connectors

Druck PV210-P Pneumatic Hand Pump Kit

  • Brand: Druck
  • Product Code: PV210-P
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Rp.0

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