• Druck PV411A Multifunction Pressure/Vacuum Hand Pump

Druck’s PV411A generates hydraulic and pneumatic pressure, vacuum and includes integrated low pressure fine control to ensure you always get the result you’re looking for.

Using the PV411A is simple thanks to its advanced functionality. High pressure generation is accomplished using a built-in volume adjuster, eliminating the need for physical effort when pumping. A dedicated vacuum priming function also removes trapped air during hydraulic operation and fine control pressure relief in both hydraulic and pneumatic modes is also available.

The PV411A can generate pneumatic pressure to 600psi (40 bar), hydraulic pressure to 10,000psi (700 bar) and can generate vacuum to 28.5inHg.

In hydraulic mode, the PV411A can either be used with distilled water and/or high viscosity mineral oil. The hydraulic reservoir is completely removable and can be disconnected from the pump without draining the fluid.

Druck PV411A Multifunction Pressure Pump Key Features;

  • Generate hydraulic pressure to 10,000psi
  • Pneumatic pressure generation to 600psi
  • Vacuum generation to 28.5inHg
  • Low pressure fine control
  • Unique vacuum priming function – remove trapped air when in hydraulic mode
  • Volume adjuster significantly decreases physical effort when generating high pressure
  • Pressure/vacuum selector valve – exception fine control pressure relief for hydraulic and pneumatic modes
  • Tamperproof adjustable overpressure protection valve – set to relive pressure from 300 to 10000psi
  • Hydraulic reservoir can be removed and disconnected from the pump without draining fluid
  • Spring load top cover vents on reservoir
  • Hydraulic mode compatible with distilled water and/or high viscosity oil
  • Built-in stroke adjuster – control pressure/vacuum generated per stroke
  • 240° swivel head for viewing reference indicators
  • Long lasting – internal moving parts are PTFE anodised to reduce friction and wear
  • Comfortable, ergonomic hand grips

Druck PV411A Multifunction Pressure/Vacuum Hand Pump

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