• Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter

Kestrel Pocket Weather Meter Model 2500

In addition to taking wind speed and temperature measurements, the Kestrel 2500 also measures altitude and barometric pressure. Current, maximum, and average wind speed are displayed in meters per second, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, feet per minute, knots, or Beaufort Force. Temperature, wind chill, heat stress, and dew point are measured in °C or °F. Barometric pressure is expressed in hPa or inHg. Altitude can be measured in feet or meters. The three-hour pressure trend function allows you to forecast weather conditions. The meter also features a real-time clock, data hold function, automatic shutoff after 45 minutes, large backlit display, a quick response external thermistor, and a user-replaceable impeller. The meter is waterproof, floats, and features a protective cover with sure-grip overmolding. Lanyard and battery included. Five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

†Accurate readings may be taken beyond these temperature limits by exposing the unit for the minimum time necessary to take and record measurements.

Minimum wind speed: 0.7 mph (0.6 knots, 1 km/h, 0.3 m/s, or 60 fpm). Maximum wind speed: 89 mph (78 knots, 144 km/h, 40 m/s, or 7,830 fpm). Wind speed accuracy: ±3%. Update: 1 second. Temperature, wind chill, heat stress, and dew point range†: -20°F to +158°F (-29°C to +70°C). Temperature, wind chill, heat stress, and dew point accuracy: ±2°F (±1°C). Temperature resolution: ±0.1°F (±0.1°C). Wind chill factor resolution: ±1°C. Barometric pressure range: 870.0 hPa to 1,080.0 hPa (25.70 inHg to 31.90 inHg). Barometric pressure accuracy: ±3 hPa. Altitude range: -1,500 ft. to 30,000 ft. (-500 m to 9,000 m). Altitude accuracy: ±30 meters (at standard atmospheric conditions). Operating temperature: 5°F to +122°F (-15°C to +50°C). Storage temperature range: -4°F to +176°F (-20°C to +80°C). Impeller: 1˝ diameter, sapphire bearings, lightweight. Temperature sensor: hermetically sealed precision thermistor. Pressure sensor: monolithic silicon piezoreisitive sensor. Display: reflective 3-1⁄2 digit backlit LCD. Sealing: electronics enclosure IP67 – water resistant to 3 ft. Floats. Battery: user-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery (included) with a typical life of 400 hours. Dimensions: 4.8˝ x 1.7˝ x 0.8˝.

Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter

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