• HOBO RX3000 Cellular 4G Remote Monitoring Station

HOBO RX3000 Cellular 4G Remote Monitoring Station

The RX3000 is a research-grade data logging system that provides real-time access to cloud-based, site-specific environmental data anytime via the internet! The RX3000 Cellular 4G Model requires either a user-provided 4G data plan or one of the other cellular data plans sold separately. Each RX3000 model provides convenient plug-and-play operation and supports a variety of sensors (sold separately). For wide-coverage monitoring, choose HOBOnet sensors that utilize wireless mesh technology. Data is sent directly to the RX3000 or passed through other wireless sensors back to the central station. Up to 50 HOBOnet wireless sensors can be added per RX3000 station (HOBOnet Wireless Manager also required), and each sensor has a transmission range of 1,500 to 2,000 feet. Data from the monitoring station is transferred at regular connection intervals to HOBOlink® web-based software. Using HOBOlink you can check the latest conditions, view graphs, configure sensors and alarms, download data, or schedule data delivery via email or FTP. The weather station’s built-in LCD display lets you confirm system operation, sensor connections, and signal strength at the site. The RX3000 features ten Smart Sensor connectors as well as two module slots for adding an optional Four-Channel Analog Module or Relay Module (each sold separately). The Four-Channel Analog Module has four analog inputs that support excitation power, scaling, and statistics measurements. The Relay Module allows for up to three individual relays to be activated or pulsed in response to alarms, and each contact closure can be configured as normally opened or closed using HOBOlink. Rugged and durable, the RX3000 is housed in a double-weatherproof enclosure, and critical system electronics are sealed in the secondary enclosure. The casing also features tamper-resistant padlock loops.

Note: Service plans provide one year of cellular data transmission and HOBOlink service for the Cellular 4G unit and HOBOlink only for Ethernet and Wi-Fi units. The plans start on the day the RX3000 is manufactured. One extra week is included in the first year of service to allow for time between when the unit is manufactured and received by the user. Cellular service plans are limited to the parameters shown in plan descriptions. More frequent alarms, adding statistics, and increasing the connection rate will impact the type of plan you should choose for your deployment. If the data used in a particular month approaches the plan’s limit, a warning will be sent. If the data remaining gets too low, HOBOlink will automatically turn off its connection service. Normal operation will resume the following month. Onset reserves the right to update data plans and pricing at any time.

HOBO RX3000 Cellular 4G Remote Monitoring Station

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