• E Instruments E8500P-OCN-0-12 Portable Industrial Combustion Gas & Emissions Analyzer

E Instruments E8500P-OCN- 0-12 - Portable Industrial Combustion Gas & Emissions Analyzer

  • O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8000ppm), and NO/NOx (0-5000ppm) gas sensors
  • CO Dilution Auto-Range up to 20,000 ppm
  • Stack Gas and Ambient Air Temperature Measurements, Draft and Differential Pressure Measurements

The E Instruments E8500P-OCN-0-12 is the most powerful and advanced portable emissions analyzer on the market. It is a complete, portable tool for EPA compliance–level emissions monitoring of boilers, engines, and other combustion equipment.

Real-Time Software with Data Logging

The updated EGAS software package includes the ability to save & graph data in real-time in the field with a laptop, or in a laboratory with a PC. It also allows the user to automatically log data for an exact number of tests for a specified time period. Communications between the E8500 PLUS & a computer are established either by wireless Bluetooth communications or USB cable. Data from the EGAS software can be exported to other spreadsheet programs for more user flexibility to create detailed emissions reports

Built-In Thermoelectric Chiller with Auto Condensate Drain

The internal thermoelectric chiller efficiently & quickly removes the water vapor from the flue gas sample to prevent combustion gases from bubbling from the gas phase into the condensate. The built-in condensate drain pump automatically pumps the accumulated water out through the bottom of the unit for greater convenience.

Draft, Pressure, & Velocity

An internal pressure sensor allows the analyzer to measure both pressure & stack draft. With two (2) pressure inputs, differential pressure can also be measured. Gas velocity can be measured using the differential pressure & an optional pitot tube.

Sample Conditioning Unit

The Sample Conditioning Unit is mounted directly at the sampling probe exit, where excess moisture rapidly condenses & separates from the gas sample. This minimizes contact of the gases with moisture, which could potentially affect NOx & SO2 measurements.

Easy Filter Replacement

The E8500 PLUS has a newly designed user interface that includes an easily accessible filter compartment for quick and simple inspection & replacement of filters in the field.

E8500 PLUS Ordering Code

Part # 8500P - Table A - Table B - Table C

Table A - Electrochemical Sensors

  • O - O2 Sensor (0 - 25 %)
  • C - CO Sensor (0 - 8000 ppm) with Dilution Auto-Range up to 20,000 ppm
  • N - NO Sensor (0 - 5000 ppm)
  • D - NO2 Sensor (0 - 1000 ppm)
  • S - SO2 Sensor (0 - 5000 ppm)
  • H - H2S Sensor (0 - 500 ppm)
  • V - VOC Sensor (0 - 200 ppm)

*H2S & VOC sensors cannot concurrently be installed on one E8500 PLUS

**Must include NDIR sensor option to include VOC sensor

Table B - NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) Sensors

  • ABC - CO2  Sensor (0 - 50 %), CxHy Sensor (0 - 3 %), High CO Sensor (0 - 15 %)
  • 0 - No NDIR sensors

Table C - Sampling Probes and Hoses

  • 12 - 12” (300mm) Probe, 1470°F (800°C) max, with 10’ (3m) Dual Hose
  • 30 - 30” (750mm) Probe, 1470°F (800°C) max, with 10’ (3m) Dual Hose
  • 40 - 40” (1m) Probe, 2190°F (1200°C) max, with 10’ (3m) Hose for  High Temperature Combustion Applications
  • 60 - 60” (1.5m) Probe, 2190°F (1200°C) max, with 10’ (3m) Hose for High Temperature Combustion Applications

E8500P-OCN- 0-12 Gas Analyzer. O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8000ppm), and NO/NOx (0-5000ppm). Complete Portable Emissions Analyzer with up to Nine Gas Sensors for Boiler, Engine, Furnace, and other Combustion Applications. 

  • Up to 3 gas sensors: O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8000ppm), NO/NOx (0-5000ppm)
  • Low NOx and “True” NOx measurements
  • Built–in Thermoelectric Chiller with automatic condensate removal
  • Software for Real–Time Data Logging, Graphing, and Reporting with unlimited memory
  • Bluetooth wireless communications
  • Calculated values for Efficiency, Excess Air, & CO2%
  • CO Dilution auto–range for measurements up to 20,000ppm
  • Automatic long–term monitoring & data logging
  • Enhanced internal memory (2000 Tests)
  • Sample conditioning unit for Low NOx & SO2 measurements
  • Bluetooth wireless remote printer
  • Long life rechargeable battery

In The Box

  • Thermoelectric chiller with automatic condensate drain
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • 110 - 240 VAC/50-60Hz battery charger
  • Gas sampling probe with hose
  • Real-time software with Bluetooth & USB interface
  • Wireless bluetooth communications
  • Protective carrying case
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operation manual

E Instruments E8500P-OCN-0-12 Portable Industrial Combustion Gas & Emissions Analyzer

  • Brand: E Instruments
  • Product Code: E8500P-OCN-0-12
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Rp.160,000,000

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