About the TPI 9080 Vibration & Bearing Condition Analyser

With TPI's 9080, you can check the operation of machinery to identify various vibration problems such as unbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing condition. Identifying vibration problems on your equipment can help you to fix problems before they become a serious issue and helps you to run your machinery more efficiently.

The TPI Vibration Analysers represents great value offering dual functions:

2/10Hz to 1kHz covers the ISO frequency for Misalignment, Looseness and Imbalance issues

1kHz to 10kHz covers the Bearing Condition

The TPI 9080 can be used with a wide variety of equipment - use it to test pumps, motors, fans, bearings and much more. When connected, the TPI 9080 calculates vibration signals automatically based on the machine's running speed; with this, it can identify and flag up faults and uses colour-coded alarms on the built-in LCD screen to alert you to the severity and cause of the problem.

This vibration analyser is a data logging unit; you can enter an asset ID for a particular machine, record all your results and then download them to a PC using TPI's VibTrend software. The software allows you to either enter 10 assets (standard version) or you can opt for the Pro-Kit and get an unrestricted version of the software which allows you to enter as many assets and testing records as you need. The analyser communicates with PC via either Bluetooth or USB connection.

There are a wide variety of optional accessories available for the TPI 9080 vibration analyser, including the A9082 Combo which includes a stroboscope, tachometer and flashlight for freezing moving parts, calculating flash rate and for seeing what you're doing when working. Other optional accessories include a Bluetooth headset which allows you to listen to bearing noise in real-time, a protective boot with magnets and a stinger (stinger and protective booth included in Plus kit).

TPI 9080 Vibration & Bearing Condition Analyser Key Features;

  • Simple, easy-to-use analyser for determining vibration problems with various types of machinery
  • Ideal for use in countless work applications including commercial and industrial HVAC, food processing, manufacturing, mining, packaging, petrochemical, pulp and paper, power plants and utilities
  • Finds several different problems including unbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing condition
  • Store, analyse and report on your vibration findings - store results on the meter, then download to PC for further analysis using VibTrend software
  • Vibration values are displayed with colour-coded alarm levels for ISO values and bearing damage (BOI)
  • Identify complex issues using 800 line spectrum with zoom and cursor
  • Standard cable mounted accelerometer with magnet
  • Bluetooth communication capability with PC or optional Bluetooth headset (allows you to listen to bearing condition)
  • USB docking station for downloading readings to PC
  • Ruggedised, IP67 rated case
  • 3 year limited warranty

What's Included?

  • TPI 9080 Vibration Analyser
  • A9012 IEPE Accelerometer with Cable and A9073 Magnet
  • A9081 Docking Station with USB Cable
  • A9083 VibTrend Standard Software
  • Carrying Case

TPI 9080 Vibration & Bearing Condition Analyser c/w Trending Software

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