The TPI 9071 is suitable for use in a wide variety of areas, including commercial/industrial HVAC, food processing, manufacturing, mining, packaging, petrochemical, pulp/paper production, power plants and utilities.

During testing, the TPI 9071 will give you an overall snapshot into the machine under test's machine/bearing conditions. Vibration values are displayed on the screen with colour-coded alarm levels for ISO values and bearing damage (BDU), with it possible to switch to unbalance/misalignment and looseness mode for a clear picture of problems.

The TPI 9071 is also a data logging vibration meter and can store up to 200 readings in internal memory for easy recall.

TPI 9071 Vibration Meter Key Features

  • Find problems with your machinery and equipment by analysing vibration
  • Full colour LED display
  • Standard cable mounted accelerometer with magnet
  • ISO built-in alarms
  • Easily identify bearing problems with BDU readings
  • Easy identify machine faults with unbalance, misalingment and looseness built-in band filter
  • 800 line FFT spectrum analysis for further analysis into faults
  • Ruggedised, IP67 rated casing
  • Collect and store up to 200 readings in internal memory

What's Included?

  • TPI 9071 Vibration Meter
  • A9012 IEPE Accelerometer with Cable (1.5m)
  • A9073 Magnet
  • A9074 Soft Pouch

Optional Accessories

  • A9086 Protective Boot with Magnets

TPI 9071 Smart Vibration & Bearing Condition Analyser Kit

  • Brand: TPI
  • Product Code: 9071
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