• TPI 9041 Ultra II Vibration Analyser & Balancer

Need a reliable tool to monitor the status of your machinery? The TPI 9041 Ultra II detects balance errors, misalignment, looseness and bearing defects with a high level of precision.

Handheld and portable, the Ultra II uses advanced predictive analysis to calculate the time period a failure could take place, making this tool suitable for predictive maintenance and spotting errors before they become a problem. Its internal condition-based monitoring tool accurately tracks bearing wear and gear degradation from up to 3 channels simultaneously.

The Ultra II also functions as a data collector, allowing the user to track and view back vibration measurements over a period of time. This collection software also can display site information, assets and measurements in a tree structure, display ISO vibration levels, has colour-coded alarms, has zoomable frequency spectrum and time waveforms and you can even download all this information to PC using TPI's C-Trend software (includes as standard with the tester).

TPI 9041 Ultra II Vibration Analyser & Balancer Key Features

  • Automatic detection of out of balance, misalignments, looseness and bearing defects
  • Advanced predictive analysis capabilities allow the user to calculate a failure time frame
  • Condition based monitoring - analyse bearing wear and gear degradation
  • Built-in single plane balancing - correct common sources of vibrations
  • Dual plane balancing possible with additional accelerometer (sold separately)
  • Inspection, Lube and remote/server database
  • Configure your own envelope filters and demodulation functionality
  • Capture data simultaneously from three separate channels
  • High resolution (0.2Hz) frequency spectrum from 2Hz to 10kHz
  • IP68 fully waterproof enclosure - suitable for use in even the most demanding conditions
  • Use the included C-trend software to store, analyse and create reports based on all measurements captured
  • Colour-coded alarms highlight problems alongside trend lines for predictive maintenance

What's Included?

  • TPI 9041 Ultra II Vibration Analyser & Balancer
  • Tachometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Cables
  • Tachometer Mount Adapter
  • Carrying Case w/ Shoulder Strap
  • C-Trend Software

TPI 9041 Ultra II Vibration Analyser & Balancer

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  • Product Code: 9041
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