• TPI 9034 Smart Vibration Monitor - 4 Channel

TPI's 9034 is designed to integrate seamlessly into a piece of machinery to constantly monitor and report on the machinery's vibration.

This model comes with four IEPE accelerometer input channels, four 4-20mA output channels and 4 24V DC digital outputs. The monitor includes direct USB and ethernet ports for connection to PC, allowing real-time analysis of vibration using TPI's included software.

When configured, you can set the 9034 to sound the alarm when vibration or temperature levels are detected outside of the norm. Up to four vibration alarms can be set as well as a single temperature alarm.

If a laptop or PC is connected via a USB cable, up to 64 modules can be monitored and vibration levels displayed on the screen. Up to 8 of the TPI 9034 vibration monitors can be connected together to create a system-wide vibration monitoring solution.

You can also subscribe to TPI's Data Decypher cloud-based service to enable all modules to be monitored and analysed from a single, web-based interface, complete with data viewing, alarm monitoring and detailed reporting, no matter where you are.

TPI 9034 Smart Vibration Monitor - 4 Channel Key Features ;

  • Low cost solution for monitoring vibration on systems across a wide network
  • Very easy to setup using TPI's Smart Vibration Monitor PC software package
  • 24/7 monitoring of critical plant operations
  • 4 accelerometer channels
  • 24V DC (relay drive) switched output for each channel (warnng/critical, g or velocity)
  • 4 to 20mA output for each channel (g or velocity)
  • Temperature input
  • Tacho input
  • USB for connection to Smart Vibration Monitor PC software
  • Ethernet socket for connection to Online Vibration analysis software
  • Connect to the Cloud for online monitoring at any point
  • Monitor up to 64 modules simultaneously using the software

TPI 9034 Smart Vibration Monitor - 4 Channel

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