• Planck Vision Systems ThermaCheck - Package with Temperature Monitoring Device and Laptop

Planck Vision Systems ThermaCheck - High-Precision Skin Temperature Monitoring Device (Part# TC160)

Automated temperature screening system with laptop

  • Package with ThermaCheck system and a laptop
  • ThermaCheck software is available as a free download from Planck
  • Computer support and warranty to be handled by the computer manufacturer
  • Can be used to screen for elevated body temperature
  • Easy to use, automated system
  • Measures test subjects and provides a pass/fail result
  • Audio and visual alerts if an alarm threshold has been crossed
  • High quality sensor core is made by FLIR in the United States
  • Measurement range: 91-104°F
  • Accuracy: ≤0.5°F
  • Measurement distance: 3.5 - 6.5 feet
  • Can screen individuals as well as groups of people

ThermaCheck is designed to screen for elevated body temperature. It provides an automated, easy to use solution that is both reliable and affordable, and does not require a trained system operator to obtain accurate results.

It sets up in minutes and comes with the camera, desktop tripod and all the cables you will need to hook it up. ThermaCheck will require a PC to operate, however, the software is free.

This high-quality device is built with a sensor core made by FLIR in the United States.

What does it do?

Thermacheck will screen the temperature of testing subjects and provide a pass/fail status based on the results. Users set an alarm temperature in the free Planck software and Thermacheck measures against that number. For example, if the alarm were set for 100°F and someone entered measuring 101°F, staff would receive an audio and visual alert.

Thermacheck features automatic target tracking and can measure individuals, as well as groups of people. Subjects can maintain motion which will keep lines moving. Unlike many systems on the market, subjects do not have to stop walking. This helps to reduce congestion at entry points and maintain social distancing.

How do you use it?

Thermacheck can deliver accuracy of ≤0.5°F from a distance of 3.5-6.5 feet. This enables screening personnel to maintain a safer distance from subjects as the testing process is conducted.

It features a standard tripod mount and also ships with a desktop tripod. For users requiring a full size tripod, these are available as an optional item. Tripod mounting makes it quick to set up and easy to move.

The graphic below shows a typical testing scenario. The subject is approximately 6 feet from the camera and staff can view the results on a monitor. In this case, the subject measures 97.7°F - the box and numbers around the face turn green, which indicates a passing result. If the temperature were above the alarm threshold, it would have turned red and an audio alert would have sounded.

Does this require a blackbody for calibration and accuracy?

No. You do not need to purchase an expensive blackbody calibrator for ThermaCheck to work properly. You can calibrate it using a human face and a medical grade IR thermometer. Please note - TEquipment will include the medical grade thermometer with your order at no cost. It will add to your cart automatically during checkout.

Calibrating the unit is easy and requires two people - the calibration subject and the person operating the computer. This should take around one minute to complete. Listed below are main steps, however, please refer to the manual for complete instructions.

  • The calibration subject takes their temperature with the IR thermometer and gives that number to the software operator. 
  • The software operator then enters the temperature into the Planck software.
  • The calibration subject stands in front of the camera for one minute as ThermaCheck matches its readings to the IR thermometer

The system will notify the operator when it is complete. It is important that ThermaCheck be on for at least 50 minutes before calibration is performed.

NOTE REGARDING FDA APPROVAL: The FDA has recently issued guidance providing that it does not object to the distribution and use of telethermographic systems intended for adjunctive diagnostic/initial body temperature assessment and screening during the COVD-19 pandemic where such devices do not create an undue risk. For more information, see https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/general-hospital-devices-and-supplies/thermal-imaging-systems-infrared-thermographic-systems-thermal-imaging-cameras and https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/emergency-situations-medical-devices/non-contact-temperature-assessment-devices-during-covid-19-pandemic. We obviously cannot now predict how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, or what position the FDA may take on such devices in the future. You should always follow all instructions and rules when using any telethermographic system, such as those sold by TEquipment, and should consult with your attorney concerning relevant legal requirements and best practices for implementation and COVID-19 screening.”

Planck Vision Systems ThermaCheck - Package with Temperature Monitoring Device and Laptop

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