• KIMO HM50 Portable Pin Moisture Meter

Test the moisture content of wood and various building materials with this pin-type moisture meter from KIMO.

The KIMO HM50 is configured with four different measurement ranges - wood type 1 (birch, beech, spruce, larch, walnut and cherry) with measurement range from 10 to 50%; wood type 2 (oak, pine, maple, ash and pin douglas) with range from 9 to 50%; plaster with measurement range from 0 to 15% and brick/concrete from 0 to 15%. The measurement ranges of the building materials are based on the wood scale (wood moisture equivalent) and are lower to reflect the type of material (the measurement range is still around the same, the higher the value, the more moist the material is).

Follow this guide as a reference when measuring with the KIMO HM50:

Wood - dry at humidity less than 15%, moist from 15 to 30%, high moisture above 30%

Plaster/Brick/Concrete - dry at humidity less than 2%, moist from 2 to 4% and high moisture above 4%

As a pin-type moisture meter, you are required to make direct contact with the material you're measuring using the pin electrodes at the top of the instrument. Direct insertion isn't always necessary; you should still get a decent reading from the meter by touching the pins to the surface and be able to minimise damage to the material you're testing.

Additional features of this moisture meter include IP54 rating, 180 hour battery life, a HOLD function which freezes current value shown on the screen and an automatic power off mode to help save battery life.

KIMO HM50 Moisture Meter Key Features

  • Measure the moisture content of wood and building materials
  • Four measurement ranges - Wood Type 1, Wood Type 2, Plaster & Brick/Concrete
  • Pin-type meter - requires contact with the material to make masurements
  • HOLD function temporarily stores the current value shown on the screen
  • Automatic power off after 20 minutes to help save battery life
  • 180 hour battery life on 4 x AAA, 1.5V batteries
  • 1 year guarantee from manufacturing defects included from KIMO
  • IP54 rated

What's Included?

  • KIMO KM50 Moisture Meter
  • Adjustment Certificate
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Probe Set

KIMO HM50 Portable Pin Moisture Meter

  • Brand: KIMO
  • Product Code: HM50
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Rp.6,500,000

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