• Jetion JT-66K Infrared Thermal Imager for Elevated Body Temperature Screening

Jetion JT-66K - Infrared Thermal Imager for Elevated Body Temperature Screening

Infrared thermal imager

 Non-contact temperature detection (does not touch skin)

Can be used to screen for elevated body temperature

Alerts personnel when the temperature threshold has been crossed

3.3 feet (1 meter) optimal measurement distance

Can be connected to a computer for real time viewing of results

The Jetion JT-66K is a thermal imaging camera which can be used to screen for elevated body temperature.

The JT-66K measures the temperature of subjects and will alert staff when a temperature threshold has been crossed. For example, if the alarm is set for 100 degrees, and it reads someone at 101, it will provide a notification. It has an accuracy of 0.9°F and temperature range of 86-113°F. For comparison purposes, several FLIR cameras have a 0.9°F accuracy in screening mode - this includes the E53, E75, E85 and E95.

The testing process is both non-contact and non-invasive, with an optimal measurement distance of approximately 3.3 feet (1 meter), enabling to staff to maintain a safer distance from testing subjects.

The JT-66K can be handheld, as well as mounted on an included tripod.

View results in real time on your computer

Mounting the JT-66K on its included tripod makes screening ever easier.  Jetion provides free software which enables real time transmission between the camera and your computer.  The camera connects with a standard USB-C cable – this is a standard cable type commonly used for charging cell phones. 

Once the software is installed and camera connected, screening personnel can view test results in real time on the computer screen.  By using a longer USB cable, it would also be possible to place staff even further from testing subjects, helping to maintain social distancing. 

The pictures below show how the camera is connected, as well as what the Jetion software will look like.  If being used with a computer, staff will still receive audio and visual alerts when temperature thresholds have been crossed.

Thermal images and temperature information

This product is an infrared thermal camera. It is similar to a regular camera, however, it also takes temperature readings at thousands of points in the scene. The camera then uses this temperature information to create a color coded image, like the one shown below. Hot and cold show up at different colors, making it easier to identify sections in the image. In addition, the JT-66K will identify specific points in the image having the minimum and maximum temperature.

Camera and software usage

Test results from the JT-66K can be viewed in a variety of ways.

For users seeking a fully mobile and handheld solution, the camera contains a 2.8" display on its back. The screen features a 320x240 resolution and will show a thermal image in full color or black and white. The camera also contains an SD slot, enabling users to store files to a memory card.

The JT-66K can also be connected to a computer via USB and results viewed in real time. When used in this manner, the camera can be mounted on the included tripod, and screening personnel can view results from a longer distance away. This helps to reduce contact between staff and testing subjects. The required computer software is included with the camera at no charge.

Please see the instructional videos in the image gallery for a step by step guide on how to set up the software.

Changing how the thermal image appears

The JT-66K offers several choices in its color palette, enabling users to change how the thermal image appears. There are several different variations for a full color display, as shown in the examples below. In addition, there are also black and white options, where black or white can be used to designate heat.

It is also possible to overlay a visual and thermal image, which may be preferable for some users. With an overlayed image, the camera combines its video and thermal outputs, creating an image that more closely resembled a traditional photograph or video.

Jetion JT-66K Infrared Thermal Imager for Elevated Body Temperature Screening

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