• Irisys IWC6257 Social Distancing Signs & Floor Stickers

Product overview: SafeCount People Counting Display Signage

Allow customers to see what SafeCount sensors are tracking. Easily show building users if it’s safe to enter an area based on how many people enter and exit the space. While the sensors keep track of foot traffic, the display signage can automatically update based on custom-set occupancy for each area.

Display signage offers a simplified indicator with two options to show customers

Signage options

The Traffic Light Display kit shows a green light when it’s safe to enter and a red light when the area is at or above capacity. This display kit is IP65 rated, so it’s designed to be indoors or outdoors, making it perfect for installation in:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Public buildings
  • Public spaces

The other two display signage options, the Mini LED Display Kit and the Large 470 LED Display Kit show Enter or Do Not Enter text on the bright LED display. These two display kits are designed for use inside a building only, offering great installation options for:

  • Canteens
  • Restaurant/retail/public restrooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Public buildings

Models: SafeCount People Counting Display Signage


Mini LED Display Kit 6” ‘Enter / Do Not Enter’ signal


  • LED Display with mounting bracket
  • 24V Power Supply Unit
  • 5M Cable
  • USB I/O Module
  • 3 Way Wiring Connectors (x4)
  • Connector Box

Irisys IWC6257 Social Distancing Signs & Floor Stickers

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