• Irisys IRC6637SNW - Vector SafeCount Secondary Sensor (PoE) Node, White

Product overview: Irisys SafeCount™ Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring Solution

Protect safety and enable social distancing with the Irisys SafeCount™ real-time occupancy monitoring solution.

SafeCount uses highly accurate people counting technology to anonymously count people as they enter and exit an area. This data is used to calculate the areas occupancy in real-time and can be displayed live to building users via display screens and various signage options.

Suitable for individual rooms or entire buildings, a SafeCount system can handle areas with up to 20 entrances or exits. It can operate as a standalone solution without an internet connection, or if remote access and advanced reporting is required then functionality can be extended with an internet connection and a SafeCount Plus cloud platform subscription

The SafeCount sensors use an anonymous and highly accurate sensing technology called infrared Time of Flight. This protects the privacy of building users as the SafeCount sensor does not use a camera to detect people or measure occupancy.

SafeCount sensors are discreet, ceiling mounted devices that have been designed for quick installation. As a PoE (power over ethernet) device, only one cable is required for power and data transfer, and thanks to a guided setup wizard, setup and configuration is fast and simple.

Where can SafeCount be used?

SafeCount can be used to monitor the occupancy of entire buildings, individual rooms or anything in-between. Example use cases are:

  • Retail stores and supermarkets
  • Higher education
  • Corporate workplaces
  • Restaurants, hospitality and leisure facilities
  • Washrooms

Does your building or room have multiple entrances and exits? Don't worry, that’s not a problem for SafeCount.

Get advanced reporting and alerting with SafeCount Plus

Extend your SafeCount system with a SafeCount Plus cloud subscription. Remotely access and analyse all of the occupancy data collected by your SafeCount systems, across a portfolio of buildings and locations.

Compare real time and historic performance

Advanced reporting to identify locations not complying with occupancy restrictions

Email and SMS alerting – get notifications and alerts even when you are not on site

Supports an unlimited number of buildings in different locations and time-zones

Enables integration of live occupancy data to other platforms and systems

About Irisys

Irisys are the largest global provider of people counting and queue management solutions. Irisys have 24 years of experience and have deployed over 500,000 sensors worldwide. Collectively their sensors count over 10 billion people every year and are trusted by global brands such as Kroger, Samsung and Harley Davidson.

Irisys IRC6637SNW - Vector SafeCount Secondary Sensor (PoE) Node, White

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